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Wooden Mortar Wooden Mortar
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Wooden Mortar

€18.55 Price

Wooden mortar & pestle

to crush or grind dry ingredients into powder or

to crush softer ingredients (such as spices).

Traditional model. reduces powder or ground spices,

ingredients for sauces, blends, spices, salt, pepper, garlic spatula, nuts, saffron strands and more.

The wooden mortar and pestle is easy to clean.

To guarantee the quality of this product,

we recommend washing this mortar by hand.

Ceramic tea pot 650ml with... Ceramic tea pot 650ml with...
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Ceramic tea pot 650ml...

€20.00 Price

Teapot can also be used as to beautify life. It can enhance the beauty of the home and improve the quality of life.

Size: 650ML

At home, office, outdoors, you can enjoy your free time and improve your work efficiency.

This product can make not only good coffee, but also good tea

Teapot is made of ceramic - environmentally friendly and safe material (BPA-free), which perfectly tolerates high temperatures, can be washed in a dishwasher and does not lose its properties over time.

Bamboo dishcloth,  5  pieces Bamboo dishcloth,  5  pieces
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Bamboo dishcloth, 5...

€17.75 Price

Keep your home and the planet clean with our bamboo dishcloth.

It can be composted so the bamboo can return to the earth and it

is naturally odour resistant.

Therefore, it’s beneficial not just for you but also for the environment.

A lot of people don’t realise their dishcloths are made out of microfibers,

which are actually made out of plastic.

We introduced the bamboo dishcloth as the eco-friendly alternative.

Manual Coffee Grinder -... Manual Coffee Grinder -...
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Manual Coffee Grinder...

€23.00 Price

Beautiful retro manual coffee grinder.

The retro coffee grinder does not look

out of place as a decor piece,

but when it comes to grinding coffee,

it is of course not about the looks.

The coffee grinder can be adjusted in grinding degree.

From a super fine grind for a powerful espresso

to a coarse grind where coarse pieces can still be found,

everything is possible.

After use, a damp cloth through it and this reliable device

is ready for the next use.

The product is found to be smaller than it appears.

Ceramic Coasters,... Ceramic Coasters,...
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Ceramic Coasters,...

€18.99 Price

Ceramic Coasters - 16 cm -Placemats-

Coaster Mat for Dishes Pots Pans Bowls –

Heat protector - Decor European, -

Ceramic pads, Ceramic pad for a warm dish.

The stand/back is made of cork and finished

with a decorative colored string.

It has a pendant, it can be used as a decoration.

Salad Server Set- Racquet... Salad Server Set- Racquet...
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Salad Server Set-...

€13.75 Price

Beautiful and brand new hand-crafted salad servers ,

made from Sonokeling and Mahogany wood.

These Racquet Salad Server sets are perfect for scooping and mixing

a substantial amount of salad, vegetables or pasta.

Each wooden salad server can also be very useful when cooking.

Hand-made pieces carved out of a single piece of wood

they are rare as well as being unique, and durable.

As a result of these salad servers being hand-crafted the

size may vary slightly with each product.

Perfect for barbecues and use in the kitchen

Soap dispenser. Soap dispenser.
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Soap dispenser.

€13.75 Price

Versatile, handy soap dispenser.

This ceramic soap pump has an earthly-meets-elegant design.

Accessory for the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Organising its best and keeping your home clean. A stylish design of ceramic and a pump made of stainless steel..It can easily be refilled with your Washing up liquids, soaps, lotions, shower gels.

Bowls, blue and white... Bowls, blue and white...
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Bowls, blue and white...

€24.75 Price

These modern and stylish bowls give a beautiful look.

The set consists of 3 bowls of durable stoneware, each with a different pattern.

Multifunctional bowls for lunch, dinner or a tasty snack. Inspiring natural and sustainable