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Natural Travel Bag Natural Travel Bag
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Natural Travel Bag

€21.99 Price

This fashionable natural cotton crossbody travel bag is lightweight

and an everyday outer bag, with two inner compartments

closed with a zipper.

Environmentally friendly lifestyle and carbon footprint.

On-The- Go Mug Bamboo On-The- Go Mug Bamboo
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On-The- Go Mug Bamboo

€11.99 Price

This chic and robust bamboo to go cup is antibacterial

and natural against micro-organisms.

The cup is suitable for coffee, tea, and other hot drinks.

It is dishwasher , super light without any issues. and taste neutral.

Coconut Cutlery Coconut Cutlery
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Coconut Cutlery

€15.99 Price

Get inspired with this polished coconut wood cutlery.

100% recycled, 100% natural, 100% biodegradable.

Your salad, smoothies, cereals, breakfast, lunch, dinner desserts.

Environmentally friendly lifestyles in replacement of plastic.

Steel thermos with bamboo... Steel thermos with bamboo...
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Steel thermos with...

€17.99 Price

This elegant design, stainless steel thermos mug with bamboo cover

is the perfect premium alternative to disposable cups.

Healthy, natural and BPA free.

Keeps warm and leak-proof for a long time.

An insulated stainless steel cup keeps your drinks

hot or cold for up to 12 hours.

Of course, the travel mug is 100% sealed,

leak-proof and robust,

making it the perfect companion for travel,

hiking, office, camping or any other situation.

Jewelry and small gifts... Jewelry and small gifts...
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Jewelry and small...

€19.76 Price

ewelry and Small Gifts Bags .

Drawable Rectangle Cotton Fabric Bags.

3 pieces 16cm X 12cm and 3 pieces 8cm X 10cm, 6 Pieces New.

Buy gift bags of the material cotton.

These gift bags include a drawstring

and are ideal for wrapping small gifts.

The cotton bags have a nice appearance

and are also called cotton gift bags.

Stainless steal double edge... Stainless steal double edge...
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Stainless steal double...

€24.99 Price


the most commonly used.

The razor comb refers to the edge of the bottom plate,

where the blade sits, and it provides protection for your

skin whilst shaving.

A Closed Comb Razor (also known as Straight Bar

razor or Safety Bar razor) is easily identified as it has a

plate that lifts the hair and at the same time prevents

the blade from getting too close, therefore there is less

contact with the skin, less risk of nicks and less irritation. It offers the required balance between safety, to

ensure you don’t cut yourself, but still allowing you to

achieve the perfect close shave.

Handmade Eco Leather... Handmade Eco Leather...
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Handmade Eco Leather...

€14.99 Price

Handmade Eco Leather Journal - Paper Refill - Eco-Friendly

Make this Hand made eco leather journal,

with refill inserts od eco friendly paper,

a companion that is always on your side.

The journal is designed to be used

with the Handmade ecoLeather,

but can also be used by themselves.

Coco Chain,kokosnoot... Coco Chain,kokosnoot...
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Coco Chain,kokosnoot...

€11.99 Price

This  beaded necklace  is  made from 100% natural materials.

An eco-friendly natural jewelry option that is handmade by artisans. 

Each piece is unique with a double design showcase  of the coconut.wood combination.

It's the perfect addition to your casual style, accenting your look with a touch of nature

Is your holiday outfit is still missing the finishing touch? 

Do you want to emphasize your style with something special?

Then  these Hand-Crafted Native Treasure Surfer wood beaded choker necklace,coco chains 

with stylish motive are the right thing for you.   

Design in different colors and fit to almost any outfit.

Whether you are on holiday feelings, tropical beach boho ,special  evening out,  

festivals  etc , lots of cool ideas