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Our collection of organic care products that will transport you to a relationship with the environment. Safe for the health of the user and environmentally friendly

We are extending our range sustainably. Below you can see our current products:

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Men Socks Bamboo
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Men Socks Bamboo

€12.75 Price

Classic men's socks made of bamboo knitwear.

Because of the micro holes in the bamboo fiber,

bamboo ventilates and absorbs very well.

This keeps your feet fresh and dry for a lot longer.

Bamboo also quickly removes moisture.

Bamboo socks are antibacterial, reduce unpleasant odors,

are comfortable and wonderfully soft.

Perfect for athletes as they keep your feet

dry even after hours of exercise.

Soap Dish Bamboe Soap Dish Bamboe
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Soap Dish Bamboe

€15.75 Price
The soap dish is made of bamboo, gives your bathroom,
kitchen and toilet an exclusive touch.
Quality bamboo, very robust and durable.
Easy to clean and the soap stays clean and dry.
Ergonomic Backrest Made of... Ergonomic Backrest Made of...
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Ergonomic Backrest...

€14.39 Regular price €17.99 Price -20%

The mesh provides free air circulation behind the back,

which further contributes to improving working comfort.

Reduces muscle tension

by supporting and reducing back strain in the lumbar region.

Gently shapes the body contours to ensure maximum backrest comfort.

Women Cotton Socks Women Cotton Socks
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Women Cotton Socks

€10.75 Price

Glamorous Women's Cotton Knitwear Socks: with Net Pattern

Soft comfortable socks that fit to the feet. flexible and stretchable.

Back Scratcher with... Back Scratcher with...
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Back Scratcher with...

€16.25 Price

This 2 in 1 traditional back scraper with massage roller

is a thing of the past with annoying itching.

Hand crafted and double sided with massage wheels

for wonderful back massage.

Long enough to scratch your back almost anywhere.

Wooden Foot Massage Wooden Foot Massage
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Wooden Foot Massage

€11.75 Price

Double design traditional foot massage roller.

Environmentally friendly way to give your feet a wonderful massage.

This foot massage stimulates the blood circulation in the feet.

Using the moving rollers,

gently massage the sole of your foot and

bring your feet into a relaxed state.

Women's Cotton Bra Women's Cotton Bra
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Women's Cotton Bra

€17.00 Price

This comfort sports bra lets you enjoy an active life.

Equipped with reinforced cups, without wires.

pull over the head with wide straps.

Very pleasant on the skin.

Lofah Brush with long handle Lofah Brush with long handle
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Lofah Brush with long...

€19.75 Price

Keep your skin radiant even in cold weather,

with our Loofah Long Handle Brush.

This eco-friendly brush can get that clean,

luxurious feel and keep your skin soft to the touch.

The skin needs to exfoliate all year round,

especially in winter, when the skin is the driest.

Natural Jute Back Scrub Natural Jute Back Scrub
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Natural Jute Back Scrub

€14.99 Price

Natural Jute Back Scrub

This Jute back scrub is natural with  for real freshness,

exfoliating and leaving your skin soft and renewed..

our eco friendly biodegradable ,natural jute back scrub is a

neccesity for the bathroom and also perfect for spa and massage..

Keep your skin radiant and fresh all year round

in an eco friendly way.with our luxirious

Natural Jute back scrub.

Reusable organic cotton... Reusable organic cotton...
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Reusable organic...

€10.25 Price

Reusable organic cotton make-up removal pads.

They are responsibly made in Spain from an extra soft double-sided fabric.

color. turquoise green.

Reusable  Make-up remover, 5 x Reusable  Make-up remover, 5 x
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Reusable Make-up...

€20.75 Price

Re-usable & washable facial cleansing wipes.

It can be used with make-up removal lotion

in your daily skin cleansing.

They are particularly indicated for people

with allergies and sensitivity to chemicals.

The excellent quality of the organic cotton will make

them last for years if they are washed normally and

not exposed to bleach or fabric softeners.

On using organic certified cotton,

we protect not only our skin but also support

agriculture free of pesticides for our planet.

Natural bamboo hair comb Natural bamboo hair comb
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Natural bamboo hair comb

€12.25 Price

Keep all your knots and tangles away

with this beautiful bamboo comb with long fine and wide tooth,

suitable for all hair types.

This eco-friendly and plastic-free bamboo comb

is very gentle on your hair and scalp and will not cause

static electricity in your hair from scratching your scalp.



Our products are all 100% natural and handmade in small batches.

Shape, colour, smell, size and appearance can differ per batch and

that is inherent to this product.