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Natural Style Toiletry Bag Natural Style Toiletry Bag
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Natural Style Toiletry...

€16.00 Price

Natural Style Toiletry Bag

An unusual cosmetic bag made of kraft paper ...

Natural Style Toiletry Bag. beautician

Kraft paper is made of virgin fibers or recycled paper,

therefore it is a fully ecological and biodegradable material.

The material has a unique texture and a very natural look, nd at the same time is very durable.

The perfect cosmetic bag for a modern woman. Be eco.

Bamboo pen with tip for... Bamboo pen with tip for...
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Bamboo pen with tip...

€15.99 Price

Bamboo pen with tip for touch screens

An elegant pen made of bamboo.

in addition to the writing function,

this pen can also be used

as a touch screen stylus (eraser at the end of the pen).

A great helper for everyone, it is always worth having at hand.

Manual Coffee Grinder -... Manual Coffee Grinder -...
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Manual Coffee Grinder...

€23.00 Price

Beautiful retro manual coffee grinder.

The retro coffee grinder does not look

out of place as a decor piece,

but when it comes to grinding coffee,

it is of course not about the looks.

The coffee grinder can be adjusted in grinding degree.

From a super fine grind for a powerful espresso

to a coarse grind where coarse pieces can still be found,

everything is possible.

After use, a damp cloth through it and this reliable device

is ready for the next use.

The product is found to be smaller than it appears.

Bamboo Ball Decoration... Bamboo Ball Decoration...
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Bamboo Ball Decoration...

€17.99 Price

This unique natural bamboo ball decoration in green or white colors,

suits different decor styles.

Perfect for accentuating your home.

Be inspired with this decorative, eco-friendly accessory

Rope Handle Bag - Teal And... Rope Handle Bag - Teal And...
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Rope Handle Bag - Teal...

€24.99 Price

Jungle spirit beautiful Teal and Blue Flowers Rope Handle Bag, with vibrant colours and jungle leaf style print.

It is a tough canvas tote designed with plenty of space to stow your essentials.

With its zip and inside pockets help, it can keep you organized,

whilst the comfy rope handles makes carrying bags a breeze.

The soft rope handles are just the perfect length to fit comfortably over your shoulder or down by your side and the exotic

teal and blue design makes it wearable all year round.

Eco purse Natura Eco purse Natura
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Eco purse Natura

€12.75 Price

Eco purse Natura

Some change is all you need, with this Eco purse natura

Very stylish design looking purse in the nature style.

Very practical and convenient to use.

You can easily put it in your mini handbag or purse;

it can be used in conjunction with your wallet or great for single use.

Made of washable paper containing 60% cellulose and latex.

A fantastic gadget for lovers of eco style.

Is latex fabric eco-friendly?

Ceramic Coasters,... Ceramic Coasters,...
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Ceramic Coasters,...

€18.99 Price

Ceramic Coasters - 16 cm -Placemats-

Coaster Mat for Dishes Pots Pans Bowls –

Heat protector - Decor European, -

Ceramic pads, Ceramic pad for a warm dish.

The stand/back is made of cork and finished

with a decorative colored string.

It has a pendant, it can be used as a decoration.

Steel thermos with bamboo... Steel thermos with bamboo...
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Steel thermos with...

€17.99 Price

This elegant design, stainless steel thermos mug with bamboo cover

is the perfect premium alternative to disposable cups.

Healthy, natural and BPA free.

Keeps warm and leak-proof for a long time.

An insulated stainless steel cup keeps your drinks

hot or cold for up to 12 hours.

Of course, the travel mug is 100% sealed,

leak-proof and robust,

making it the perfect companion for travel,

hiking, office, camping or any other situation.

Cotton backpack with a... Cotton backpack with a...
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Cotton backpack with a...

€24.99 Price

Beautiful, very modern-looking material plecak .

A beautiful, very modern looking pleacak fabric.

Made of ivory cotton and pressed cork with a beautiful texture,

but also high strength.

Drawn on strings, very comfortable to use and extremely useful

Looks great on both the woman's and man's back.

Eco Friendly

Jute Gifts Bag Jute Gifts Bag
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Jute Gifts Bag

€8.99 Price

Jute gift bags with handles and window.

This incredibly popular eco-friendly
gift boxes are perfect for
packaging and adding value.
Create an instant gift by pre-filling them
with beautiful items. Ideal for jam jars etc.
They have round stick or natural cotton
handles that give a nice homely feeling
and a clear window to display your items.
Can be reused for home
storage or redistribution
Cotton bag for bread Cotton bag for bread
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Cotton bag for bread

€15.99 Price

Cotton bag for bread

Cotton bag for storing bread ...

It has a cord welt. Reusable bag.

The perfect gadget for every home.

Great for eco fans.

Graphic designs in different patterns.

Metal box Metal box
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Metal box

€13.99 Price

Metal tin with gold patterns

Metal box for storing various small items …

There are many possibilities of use,

e.g. it can be used for storage, as a packaging.

Two patterns available, we ship as a mix.