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Soap Dish Bamboe Soap Dish Bamboe
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Soap Dish Bamboe

€11.00 Price
The soap dish is made of bamboo, gives your bathroom,
kitchen and toilet an exclusive touch.
Quality bamboo, very robust and durable.
Easy to clean and the soap stays clean and dry.
Argan Solid Shampoo Sage &... Argan Solid Shampoo Sage &...
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Argan Solid Shampoo...

€2.99 Price

The scent of sage and juniper. This shampoo is made from high-quality argan-based vegetable oils and creates a wonderfully dense, creamy foam that naturally conditions the hair. Environmentally friendly, because you do not waste bottles and packaging.

Argan solid Shampoo Coconut... Argan solid Shampoo Coconut...
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Argan solid Shampoo...

€2.99 Price

The scent of coconut and lime.

This shampoo is made from high-quality

argan-based vegetable oils and creates a wonderfully dense,

creamy foam that naturally conditions the hair.

Environmentally friendly,

because you do not waste bottles and packaging.

Cotton  Buds Eco Bamboo Cotton  Buds Eco Bamboo
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Cotton Buds Eco Bamboo

€2.00 Price

Make a positive impact on the environment with our organic bamboo cotton buds and help the world cut back on the plastic use that is destroying our planet.

These 100% biodegradable earplugs are made from bamboo, the fastest growing plant in the world that is able to absorb carbon dioxide and release 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than a comparable standard of hardwood trees.

Bamboo Toothbrush   6 Pack Bamboo Toothbrush   6 Pack
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Bamboo Toothbrush 6...

€19.99 Price

Choose this eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush with 100% natural and BPA free

5.5 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year.

These bamboo toothbrushes are good quality nylon 4 bristles

and last long with a soft to medium softness.

Lofah Brush with long handle Lofah Brush with long handle
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Lofah Brush with long...

€12.99 Price

Keep your skin radiant even in cold weather,

with our Loofah Long Handle Brush.

This eco-friendly brush can get that clean,

luxurious feel and keep your skin soft to the touch.

The skin needs to exfoliate all year round,

especially in winter, when the skin is the driest.

Reusable  Make-up remover, 5 x Reusable  Make-up remover, 5 x
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Reusable Make-up...

€11.75 Price

Re-usable & washable facial cleansing wipes.

It can be used with make-up removal lotion

in your daily skin cleansing.

They are particularly indicated for people

with allergies and sensitivity to chemicals.

The excellent quality of the organic cotton will make

them last for years if they are washed normally and

not exposed to bleach or fabric softeners.

On using organic certified cotton,

we protect not only our skin but also support

agriculture free of pesticides for our planet.

Reusable organic cotton... Reusable organic cotton...
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Reusable organic...

€24.00 Price

Reusable organic cotton make-up removal pads.

They are responsibly made in Spain from an extra soft double-sided fabric.

color. turquoise green.

Wooden hair brush Wooden hair brush
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Wooden hair brush

€7.00 Price

Height 22.6 cm.

Breath 1.8 cm.

Length 11.4 cm.

Hairbrush reinforced with recycled nylon fiber

for normal and firm hair – 22 cm.

This hairbrush is made of real wood.

The strength of the recycled nylon bristles

ensures that every hair type can be brushed perfectly.

Can be used as a detangling brush as well as a hair dryer brush.

Wild dirt and residue from styling products

can easily be removed and sebum can also be removed

more easily from your scalp and distributed over your hair.

Your dry hair is naturally hydrated

and cared for and looks shiny and youthful again.

Natural Style Toiletry Bag Natural Style Toiletry Bag
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Natural Style Toiletry...

€10.00 Price

Natural Style Toiletry Bag

An unusual cosmetic bag made of kraft paper ...

Natural Style Toiletry Bag. beautician

Kraft paper is made of virgin fibers or recycled paper,

therefore it is a fully ecological and biodegradable material.

The material has a unique texture and a very natural look, nd at the same time is very durable.

The perfect cosmetic bag for a modern woman. Be eco.

Sisal Sponge and Scrub -... Sisal Sponge and Scrub -...
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Sisal Sponge and Scrub...

€13.75 Price

Environmental way to exfoliate your skin and create freshness

while removing dead skin cells and leaving your skin soft and renewed.

Be inspired with this natural beauty exfoliating back scrub in all weather

and all year round in keeping your skin looking radiant and fresh..

perfect for home,massage, spa This Sisal Sponge and scrub

will transport you to a relationship with the envoronment.

Biodegradable, safe for the health for the user and environmentally friendly.

Anti-cellulite wooden massager Anti-cellulite wooden massager
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Anti-cellulite wooden...

€14.75 Price

Massage and relax your body with this wooden

anti cellulite body massage brush with strap, for a firm grip of the wooden brush.

This anti cellulite massage brush is design to be gentle on the skin.

Your body exact fat and cellulite will start to breakdown.