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Bamboo dishcloth,  5  pieces Bamboo dishcloth,  5  pieces
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Bamboo dishcloth, 5...

€17.75 Price

Keep your home and the planet clean with our bamboo dishcloth.

It can be composted so the bamboo can return to the earth and it

is naturally odour resistant.

Therefore, it’s beneficial not just for you but also for the environment.

A lot of people don’t realise their dishcloths are made out of microfibers,

which are actually made out of plastic.

We introduced the bamboo dishcloth as the eco-friendly alternative.

Ceramic  unicorn Travel Mug Ceramic  unicorn Travel Mug
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Ceramic unicorn...

€17.99 Price

In our collection!

You can use this amazing ceramic reusable

travel mug with unicorn image, as often as you like,

perfect for on the go.

The travel mug features a lovely unicorn, design!

Eco Round Bag Flamingo Eco Round Bag Flamingo
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Eco Round Bag Flamingo

€12.99 Price

From our collection, eco friendly round bag with flamingo design.

A sturdy jute bag made of sustainable jute and cotton.

Exclusively designed and truly unique handmade ethical bag.

This eco -friendly jute round bag can be used with handle or cross- body with an

adjustable shoulder strap.

Adventure Travel Mug Ceramic Adventure Travel Mug Ceramic
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Adventure Travel Mug...

€19.99 Price

Adventure awaits with this travel mug with a contemporary world map design.

The mug is ceramic and has a double wall isolate. Current on-the-go lifestyle.

Enjoy your favorite drink wherever you go.

Wooden Foot Massage Wooden Foot Massage
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Wooden Foot Massage

€11.75 Price

Double design traditional foot massage roller.

Environmentally friendly way to give your feet a wonderful massage.

This foot massage stimulates the blood circulation in the feet.

Using the moving rollers,

gently massage the sole of your foot and

bring your feet into a relaxed state.

Bamboo Toothbrush Premium Bamboo Toothbrush Premium
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Bamboo Toothbrush Premium

€5.59 Regular price €6.99 Price -20%

Buy our bamboo toothbrushes and reduce your carbon footprint while making a healthy choice. Natural bamboo handle, splinter-free, water-resistant and soft BPA-free bristles, as well as medium hard high-quality nylon 4. Store in a well-ventilated area and replace your brushes at least every 3 months

Salad Server Set- Racquet... Salad Server Set- Racquet...
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Salad Server Set-...

€21.99 Price

Beautiful and brand new hand-crafted salad servers ,

made from Sonokeling and Mahogany wood.

These Racquet Salad Server sets are perfect for scooping and mixing

a substantial amount of salad, vegetables or pasta.

Each wooden salad server can also be very useful when cooking.

Hand-made pieces carved out of a single piece of wood

they are rare as well as being unique, and durable.

As a result of these salad servers being hand-crafted the

size may vary slightly with each product.

Perfect for barbecues and use in the kitchen

Beaded curtain, made of... Beaded curtain, made of...
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Beaded curtain, made...

€24.75 Price

Beaded curtain, made of bamboo.

Use as door beads, doorway curtain,

closet curtain, room divider, wall decoration, window treatment,

Make the doors and windows look fuller

Applicable scope:

String curtain can be used for any interior decoration.

Such as doors, windows, dividers, beds, bathroom,

can also used as background for shop window,

Church, Party, Wedding decor

Handmade, environmentally friendly paint treatment,

fine texture, long service life, is a good home decoration.

Environmental protection, non-toxic, no smell

The color is firm and does not fade

The cut surface is smooth and wear resistant

Long service life and durability.

Back Scratcher with... Back Scratcher with...
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Back Scratcher with...

€16.25 Price

This 2 in 1 traditional back scraper with massage roller

is a thing of the past with annoying itching.

Hand crafted and double sided with massage wheels

for wonderful back massage.

Long enough to scratch your back almost anywhere.

Argan Solid Shampoo Sage &... Argan Solid Shampoo Sage &...
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Argan Solid Shampoo...

€7.99 Price

The scent of sage and juniper. This shampoo is made from high-quality argan-based vegetable oils and creates a wonderfully dense, creamy foam that naturally conditions the hair. Environmentally friendly, because you do not waste bottles and packaging.

Reuseable Shopping  Net Bag Reuseable Shopping  Net Bag
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Reuseable Shopping...

€12.75 Price

A great gift for your environmentally conscious friends and family

Durable medium size net bag, lightweight.

Use and reuse this net bag instead of single use plastic bags.

For all kinds of products. Your fruits, vegetables and groceries .

Washable, foldable and no waste.

A great gift for your environmentally conscious friends and family