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Shoe Polish Brush Applicator Shoe Polish Brush Applicator
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Shoe Polish Brush...

€11.25 Price

This shoe polish brush applicator is robust and ideal for shining shoes.

Apply your shoe polish and shine off with this brush, made from vanished

beechwood and fine horse hair. You can get into all the hard to reach places on your shoes.

Wash the brush in warm soapy water and leave to dry.

Measuring  15cm

Eco Package Eco Package
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Eco Package

€24.00 Price

Eco friendly Package deal.

4x Luxury bamboo face towel. Massages and exfoliates your skin.

size: 295mm x 295mm

1x Bamboo toothbrush of Quality bamboo,

very robust and durable.

1x Soap dish made of bamboo.

Easy to clean and the soap stays clean and dry.

1x Argan Solid Shampoo,

the scent of Coconut and Lime or

the scent of Sage and Juniper.

This shampoo is made from high-quality argan-

based vegetable oils and creates a wonderfully dense,

creamy foam that naturally conditions the hair.

Environmentally friendly, because

you do not waste bottles and packaging.

Eco purse Natura Eco purse Natura
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Eco purse Natura

€12.75 Price

Eco purse Natura

Some change is all you need, with this Eco purse natura

Very stylish design looking purse in the nature style.

Very practical and convenient to use.

You can easily put it in your mini handbag or purse;

it can be used in conjunction with your wallet or great for single use.

Made of washable paper containing 60% cellulose and latex.

A fantastic gadget for lovers of eco style.

Is latex fabric eco-friendly?

Coco Chain,kokosnoot... Coco Chain,kokosnoot...
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Coco Chain,kokosnoot...

€11.99 Price

This  beaded necklace  is  made from 100% natural materials.

An eco-friendly natural jewelry option that is handmade by artisans. 

Each piece is unique with a double design showcase  of the coconut.wood combination.

It's the perfect addition to your casual style, accenting your look with a touch of nature

Is your holiday outfit is still missing the finishing touch? 

Do you want to emphasize your style with something special?

Then  these Hand-Crafted Native Treasure Surfer wood beaded choker necklace,coco chains 

with stylish motive are the right thing for you.   

Design in different colors and fit to almost any outfit.

Whether you are on holiday feelings, tropical beach boho ,special  evening out,  

festivals  etc , lots of cool ideas