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Bamboo Ball Decoration... Bamboo Ball Decoration...
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Bamboo Ball Decoration...

€17.99 Price

This unique natural bamboo ball decoration in green or white colors,

suits different decor styles.

Perfect for accentuating your home.

Be inspired with this decorative, eco-friendly accessory

Wooden thermometer with a hook Wooden thermometer with a hook
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Wooden thermometer...

€11.75 Price

Wooden house-shaped thermometer with a visor ...

Wooden thermometer with a hook

Wooden house-shaped thermometer with a roof. Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scale. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. At the bottom of the thermometer, a hook on which you can hang e.g. keys. Temperature scale in degrees C and F. Thermometer adapted to be hung on the wall.

Ceramic Coasters,... Ceramic Coasters,...
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Ceramic Coasters,...

€18.99 Price

Ceramic Coasters - 16 cm -Placemats-

Coaster Mat for Dishes Pots Pans Bowls –

Heat protector - Decor European, -

Ceramic pads, Ceramic pad for a warm dish.

The stand/back is made of cork and finished

with a decorative colored string.

It has a pendant, it can be used as a decoration.

Rope Handle Bag - Teal And... Rope Handle Bag - Teal And...
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Rope Handle Bag - Teal...

€24.99 Price

Jungle spirit beautiful Teal and Blue Flowers Rope Handle Bag, with vibrant colours and jungle leaf style print.

It is a tough canvas tote designed with plenty of space to stow your essentials.

With its zip and inside pockets help, it can keep you organized,

whilst the comfy rope handles makes carrying bags a breeze.

The soft rope handles are just the perfect length to fit comfortably over your shoulder or down by your side and the exotic

teal and blue design makes it wearable all year round.

Ceramic candlestick  2... Ceramic candlestick  2...
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Ceramic candlestick 2...

€23.75 Price

Ceramic round candle holder for a standing candle.

Available in two colors, black and white.

A very nice and warm decorative effect.

A great idea for a gift.

A simple inspired candlestick holder

that is perfect for your next dinner party,

holiday gathering or quiet evening at home.

In a set of 2.

Cotton bag for bread Cotton bag for bread
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Cotton bag for bread

€15.99 Price

Cotton bag for bread

Cotton bag for storing bread ...

It has a cord welt. Reusable bag.

The perfect gadget for every home.

Great for eco fans.

Graphic designs in different patterns.

Cork Bag Mandala, made of... Cork Bag Mandala, made of...
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Cork Bag Mandala, made...

€11.99 Price

Cork Bag Mandala, made of 100% natural cork.

Trendy environmentally friendly and sustainable for school, the office,

or just for make-up and other things.

An unusual bag made of pressed corks and very modern dezign bag.

The material has a unique texture with a very natural look and is at the same time durable.