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To replace plastic products, we select biodegradable, disposable, organic, recycled, reusable, sustainable, fair trade, eco-friendly accessories for our store.

We are expanding our range sustainably. Below you can see our current products:

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Cotton window Pouch Cotton window Pouch
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Cotton window Pouch

€2.50 Price

These cotton window bags are suitable as packaging for many items. The drawstring on each pouch pulls tight to keep items secure. Cotton Window Pouches are ,, with central window giving your items a clear display.

Eco Round Bag Cherry Eco Round Bag Cherry
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Eco Round Bag Cherry

€14.99 Price

From our collection,

eco-friendly round bags with cherry design.

A sturdy Jute Bag made of sustainable Indian jute and cotton.

Exclusively designed and are truly unique handmade ethical bags.

This Eco Jute Round Bags can be used with a handle or as a crossbody with an adjustable shoulder strap.

Natural Travel Bag Natural Travel Bag
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Natural Travel Bag

€12.50 Price

This fashionable natural cotton crossbody travel bag is lightweight

and an everyday outer bag, with two inner compartments

closed with a zipper.

Environmentally friendly lifestyle and carbon footprint.

Reuseable Shopping  Net Bag Reuseable Shopping  Net Bag
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Reuseable Shopping...

€8.00 Price

A great gift for your environmentally conscious friends and family

Durable medium size net bag, lightweight.

Use and reuse this net bag instead of single use plastic bags.

For all kinds of products. Your fruits, vegetables and groceries .

Washable, foldable and no waste.

Jacquard pink Bag.
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Jacquard pink Bag.

€19.99 Price

Beautiful Jacquard bag – Pink.

Durable material, light weight and easy to use.

This bag is made with details. Zippers, pockets with cotton lining.

Good for school, travel, work and many more potentially inspired outings.

High quality material and 100% brand new.

Eco Round Bag Flamingo Eco Round Bag Flamingo
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Eco Round Bag Flamingo

€12.99 Price

From our collection, eco friendly round bag with flamingo design.

A sturdy jute bag made of sustainable jute and cotton.

Exclusively designed and truly unique handmade ethical bag.

This eco -friendly jute round bag can be used with handle or cross- body with an

adjustable shoulder strap.

Bamboo Starter Kit Bamboo Starter Kit
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Bamboo Starter Kit

€19.99 Price

Let us do our part to protect the environment.

We choose sustainable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials mainly because they are a sustainable solution for plastic pollution.

Easy to carry, lightweight and easy to clean. (recommended for hand wash).

With our bamboo starter set you can travel and reduce your plastic footprint.

Back Scratcher with... Back Scratcher with...
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Back Scratcher with...

€10.00 Price

This 2 in 1 traditional back scraper with massage roller

is a thing of the past with annoying itching.

Hand crafted and double sided with massage wheels

for wonderful back massage.

Long enough to scratch your back almost anywhere.

Face Masks Reusable.... Face Masks Reusable....
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Face Masks Reusable....

€2.75 Price

From our eco creative design lab.

Independently design face masks, in colorful cotton materials.

Its protects your face, comfortable with different beautiful features.

An eco alternative to disposable face masks.

Eco Package Eco Package
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Eco Package

€24.00 Price

Eco friendly Package deal.

4x Luxury bamboo face towel. Massages and exfoliates your skin.

size: 295mm x 295mm

1x Bamboo toothbrush of Quality bamboo,

very robust and durable.

1x Soap dish made of bamboo.

Easy to clean and the soap stays clean and dry.

1x Argan Solid Shampoo,

the scent of Coconut and Lime or

the scent of Sage and Juniper.

This shampoo is made from high-quality argan-

based vegetable oils and creates a wonderfully dense,

creamy foam that naturally conditions the hair.

Environmentally friendly, because

you do not waste bottles and packaging.

Jewelry and small gifts... Jewelry and small gifts...
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Jewelry and small...

€10.00 Price

ewelry and Small Gifts Bags .

Drawable Rectangle Cotton Fabric Bags.

3 pieces 16cm X 12cm and 3 pieces 8cm X 10cm, 6 Pieces New.

Buy gift bags of the material cotton.

These gift bags include a drawstring

and are ideal for wrapping small gifts.

The cotton bags have a nice appearance

and are also called cotton gift bags.