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Bamboo Toothbrush Children Bamboo Toothbrush Children
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Bamboo Toothbrush...

€6.75 Price

Available by popular demand.

With the children's toothbrush,

the whole family can switch to

eco-friendly alternatives to everyday essentials.

Bamboo toothbrushes last just as long as plastic ones,

but they are sustainable, compostable. and biodegradable

Cutlery Bamboo, spoon fork... Cutlery Bamboo, spoon fork...
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Cutlery Bamboo, spoon...

€13.50 Price

A natural, Earth-friendly alternative for home silverware;

includes a fork, spoon and knife. 1 set

Perfect for picnics, barbecues, school lunches,

parties or everyday meals.


bamboo flatware washes easily for continued use

Dishwasher safe:

clean easily in the dishwasher or with a quick hand wash

Great for the environment: made of organically-grown Moso bamboo;

bamboo is a renewable resource which grows back quickly,

preserving hard wood forests.

Natural Bamboo  Bowl Natural Bamboo  Bowl
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Natural Bamboo Bowl

€17.99 Price

Our reusable and compostable, Natural Bamboo Bowl is real polished bamboe. Made from selected high quality bamboo.

Transform the way you enjoy dishes

such as rice, pap, salades, snacks, side dishes,

and a lot more.Its sustainable, light weighted,

also doesn’t break.easily.

Elegant zero-waste kitchenware with inspiration.

On-The- Go Mug Bamboo On-The- Go Mug Bamboo
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On-The- Go Mug Bamboo

€11.99 Price

This chic and robust bamboo to go cup is antibacterial

and natural against micro-organisms.

The cup is suitable for coffee, tea, and other hot drinks.

It is dishwasher , super light without any issues. and taste neutral.

Bamboo fiber bowl Bamboo fiber bowl
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Bamboo fiber bowl

€10.75 Price

Add this bamboo serving bowl to your kitchen supplies.

Your cereals, snacks, desserts, sauce,

in a natural green bamboo fiber design.

Good for cold dishes.

Ceramic  unicorn Travel Mug Ceramic  unicorn Travel Mug
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Ceramic unicorn...

€17.99 Price

In our collection!

You can use this amazing ceramic reusable

travel mug with unicorn image, as often as you like,

perfect for on the go.

The travel mug features a lovely unicorn, design!

500ml steel bottle thermos-... 500ml steel bottle thermos-...
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500ml steel bottle...

€19.98 Price

500ml steel bottle thermos- Magnum

Thermos Magnum Optimal insulation, high-quality, double-walled

vacuum jacket and leak-proof screw cap. Drink stays cold for 12 hours or hot for 12 hours.

This thermos is easy to keep clean, BPA and leak-free.

Ideal for on the go, this water bottle is great for everyday use and can

be taken with you such as hiking, biking, beach, camping, travel, school or business.

backpack or as a daily companion to help you stay healthy and hydrated!

Bowls, blue and white... Bowls, blue and white...
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Bowls, blue and white...

€24.75 Price

These modern and stylish bowls give a beautiful look.

The set consists of 3 bowls of durable stoneware, each with a different pattern.

Multifunctional bowls for lunch, dinner or a tasty snack. Inspiring natural and sustainable