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Organic Basics

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Men Socks Bamboo
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Men Socks Bamboo

€12.75 Price

Classic men's socks made of bamboo knitwear.

Because of the micro holes in the bamboo fiber,

bamboo ventilates and absorbs very well.

This keeps your feet fresh and dry for a lot longer.

Bamboo also quickly removes moisture.

Bamboo socks are antibacterial, reduce unpleasant odors,

are comfortable and wonderfully soft.

Perfect for athletes as they keep your feet

dry even after hours of exercise.

Women Cotton Socks Women Cotton Socks
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Women Cotton Socks

€10.75 Price

Glamorous Women's Cotton Knitwear Socks: with Net Pattern

Soft comfortable socks that fit to the feet. flexible and stretchable.

Women's Cotton Bra Women's Cotton Bra
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Women's Cotton Bra

€17.00 Price

This comfort sports bra lets you enjoy an active life.

Equipped with reinforced cups, without wires.

pull over the head with wide straps.

Very pleasant on the skin.

Reusable  Make-up remover, 5 x Reusable  Make-up remover, 5 x
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Reusable Make-up...

€20.75 Price

Re-usable & washable facial cleansing wipes.

It can be used with make-up removal lotion

in your daily skin cleansing.

They are particularly indicated for people

with allergies and sensitivity to chemicals.

The excellent quality of the organic cotton will make

them last for years if they are washed normally and

not exposed to bleach or fabric softeners.

On using organic certified cotton,

we protect not only our skin but also support

agriculture free of pesticides for our planet.