500ml steel bottle thermos- Magnum

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500ml steel bottle thermos- Magnum

Thermos Magnum Optimal insulation, high-quality, double-walled

vacuum jacket and leak-proof screw cap. Drink stays cold for 12 hours or hot for 12 hours.

This thermos is easy to keep clean, BPA and leak-free.

Ideal for on the go, this water bottle is great for everyday use and can

be taken with you such as hiking, biking, beach, camping, travel, school or business.

backpack or as a daily companion to help you stay healthy and hydrated!



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read the user manual before first use and keep it!

For an optimal insulating effect, we recommend pre-heating or pre-cooling

the thermos with water. Never use the microwave or conventional oven to preheat

be careful when handling hot drinks, do not drink straight from the bottle!

the thermos is made of double-walled stainless steel and the lid is made of plastic

vacuum bottles and lids are not suitable for keeping baby food and milk warm

With baby food and milk, attention should be paid to the rapid growth of bacteria in

warm and hot milk and therefore to thorough cleaning. In addition, there is a risk of

burns with baby food and the temperature should be checked before feeding.

the vacuum bottle is not suitable for storing and transporting carbonated drinks.

cleaning and care

Clean the thermos before using it for the first time!

only clean the thermos by hand with water and washing-up liquid

and then clean it thoroughly immediately after each use do not use

aggressive cleaning agents or hard objects as these can scratch the surfaces do not clean in the dishwasher


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