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"S" shaped scrub brush... "S" shaped scrub brush...
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"S" shaped scrub brush...

€12.99 Price


Untreated beechwood from European forests.

FSC certification of wood in process.

Fiber Union mixing brush ideal for floors, terraces, window or shower joints,

any hard-to-reach corner and surfaces with embedded dirt.

Softer Tampico Fiber Brush, also used to rub denim, canvas,

awnings, rags, doormats, etc. on the prewash.

Ergonomic handle for better grip, wedge finish for access to all

difficult corners, edges or joints of tiles or terrazzo.

Ecological and toxic-free materials.

Plastic free.

100% natural and biodegradable.

500ml steel bottle thermos-... 500ml steel bottle thermos-...
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500ml steel bottle...

€19.98 Price

500ml steel bottle thermos- Magnum

Thermos Magnum Optimal insulation, high-quality, double-walled

vacuum jacket and leak-proof screw cap. Drink stays cold for 12 hours or hot for 12 hours.

This thermos is easy to keep clean, BPA and leak-free.

Ideal for on the go, this water bottle is great for everyday use and can

be taken with you such as hiking, biking, beach, camping, travel, school or business.

backpack or as a daily companion to help you stay healthy and hydrated!

Adventure Travel Mug Ceramic Adventure Travel Mug Ceramic
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Adventure Travel Mug...

€19.99 Price

Adventure awaits with this travel mug with a contemporary world map design.

The mug is ceramic and has a double wall isolate. Current on-the-go lifestyle.

Enjoy your favorite drink wherever you go.

Argan solid Shampoo Coconut... Argan solid Shampoo Coconut...
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Argan solid Shampoo...

€7.99 Price

The scent of coconut and lime.

This shampoo is made from high-quality

argan-based vegetable oils and creates a wonderfully dense,

creamy foam that naturally conditions the hair.

Environmentally friendly,

because you do not waste bottles and packaging.

Argan Solid Shampoo Sage &... Argan Solid Shampoo Sage &...
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Argan Solid Shampoo...

€7.99 Price

The scent of sage and juniper. This shampoo is made from high-quality argan-based vegetable oils and creates a wonderfully dense, creamy foam that naturally conditions the hair. Environmentally friendly, because you do not waste bottles and packaging.

Aromatherapy Shea Body... Aromatherapy Shea Body...
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Aromatherapy Shea Body...

€11.00 Price

Aromatherapy Shea Body Butter is

Ideal for everyday use after bath or shower as well as for body massages.
An amazing vegan Shea Body Butter contain
Frankincense Essential Oil .
Shea butter is a concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids that helps moisturize and nourish the skin.

An excellent natural emollient and humectant,

locking in moisture and keeping skin hydrated

and ensuring that the skin's natural oils are preserved.

Leaving your skin smooth skin.Its high fat content makes it

Direction for use:

Cleanse skin in warm-to-hot shower or bath before application, to help open pores.

Gently massage a small dollop of shea butter into skin.

Allow a few minutes for the butter to sink in before getting dressed.
Good for everyday use.

Back Scratcher with... Back Scratcher with...
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Back Scratcher with...

€16.25 Price

This 2 in 1 traditional back scraper with massage roller

is a thing of the past with annoying itching.

Hand crafted and double sided with massage wheels

for wonderful back massage.

Long enough to scratch your back almost anywhere.

Bamboo Ball Decoration... Bamboo Ball Decoration...
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Bamboo Ball Decoration...

€17.99 Price

This unique natural bamboo ball decoration in green or white colors,

suits different decor styles.

Perfect for accentuating your home.

Be inspired with this decorative, eco-friendly accessory

Bamboo dishcloth,  5  pieces Bamboo dishcloth,  5  pieces
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Bamboo dishcloth, 5...

€17.75 Price

Keep your home and the planet clean with our bamboo dishcloth.

It can be composted so the bamboo can return to the earth and it

is naturally odour resistant.

Therefore, it’s beneficial not just for you but also for the environment.

A lot of people don’t realise their dishcloths are made out of microfibers,

which are actually made out of plastic.

We introduced the bamboo dishcloth as the eco-friendly alternative.

Bamboo fiber bowl Bamboo fiber bowl
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Bamboo fiber bowl

€10.75 Price

Add this bamboo serving bowl to your kitchen supplies.

Your cereals, snacks, desserts, sauce,

in a natural green bamboo fiber design.

Good for cold dishes.

Bamboo pen with tip for... Bamboo pen with tip for...
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Bamboo pen with tip...

€15.99 Price

Bamboo pen with tip for touch screens

An elegant pen made of bamboo.

in addition to the writing function,

this pen can also be used

as a touch screen stylus (eraser at the end of the pen).

A great helper for everyone, it is always worth having at hand.