Ceramic tea pot 650ml with filter

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Teapot can also be used as to beautify life. It can enhance the beauty of the home and improve the quality of life.

Size: 650ML

At home, office, outdoors, you can enjoy your free time and improve your work efficiency.

This product can make not only good coffee, but also good tea

Teapot is made of ceramic - environmentally friendly and safe material (BPA-free), which perfectly tolerates high temperatures, can be washed in a dishwasher and does not lose its properties over time.

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EXTRA-FINE INFUSER. Use infuser teapot to brew tea leaves or sachets.

You can individually adjust the tea intensity by the amount of leaves

in a teapot, but also by the duration of brewing (simply pull the gauze

Magnificent . best teapot allows you to gently pour the drink into the cup


This teapot with infuser is equipped with a stainless steel lid and strainer.

Metal elements are durable, resistant to damage and functional.

The lid opens wide and closes tightly,

while the strainer (with a fine mesh) doesn't let even

the smallest tea leaves fall into the cup,

while allowing the leaves to expand as much as possible

and give away all the flavor, taste and color.

Jug dimensions:

- 16x13x9.5cm

Ceramic Tea Pot 650ml with filter

Beschikbare kleuren:

- Sand

- Violet

- Yellow

- Red

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