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Safe shopping with INT Eco Friendly for your reusable, zero waste products that are compostable, biodegradable and sustainable.


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Bowls, blue and white... Bowls, blue and white...
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Bowls, blue and white...

€24.75 Price

These modern and stylish bowls give a beautiful look.

The set consists of 3 bowls of durable stoneware, each with a different pattern.

Multifunctional bowls for lunch, dinner or a tasty snack. Inspiring natural and sustainable

Natural Travel Bag Natural Travel Bag
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Natural Travel Bag

€21.99 Price

This fashionable natural cotton crossbody travel bag is lightweight

and an everyday outer bag, with two inner compartments

closed with a zipper.

Environmentally friendly lifestyle and carbon footprint.

Soap Dish Bamboe Soap Dish Bamboe
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Soap Dish Bamboe

€15.75 Price
The soap dish is made of bamboo, gives your bathroom,
kitchen and toilet an exclusive touch.
Quality bamboo, very robust and durable.
Easy to clean and the soap stays clean and dry.
Cotton window Pouch Cotton window Pouch
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Cotton window Pouch

€7.50 Price

These cotton window bags are suitable as packaging for many items. The drawstring on each pouch pulls tight to keep items secure. Cotton Window Pouches are ,, with central window giving your items a clear display.

Bamboo Toothbrush Premium Bamboo Toothbrush Premium
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Bamboo Toothbrush Premium

€5.59 Regular price €6.99 Price -20%

Buy our bamboo toothbrushes and reduce your carbon footprint while making a healthy choice. Natural bamboo handle, splinter-free, water-resistant and soft BPA-free bristles, as well as medium hard high-quality nylon 4. Store in a well-ventilated area and replace your brushes at least every 3 months

coconut bowl set of 4 coconut bowl set of 4
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coconut bowl set of 4

€26.00 Price

Coconut bowls, 100% natural and organic;

Making these very responsible,

Each bowl is unique with each other.

Contain safe for direct contact with food.

Great for serving nuts or chips,

but the bowls are also very suitable for salad,

smoothie, yogurt or ice cream, for example.

Suitable for home use, hotel, restaurant,

camping, and more.

Argan solid Shampoo Coconut... Argan solid Shampoo Coconut...
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Argan solid Shampoo...

€7.99 Price

The scent of coconut and lime.

This shampoo is made from high-quality

argan-based vegetable oils and creates a wonderfully dense,

creamy foam that naturally conditions the hair.

Environmentally friendly,

because you do not waste bottles and packaging.

Handmade Eco Leather... Handmade Eco Leather...
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Handmade Eco Leather...

€14.99 Price

Handmade Eco Leather Journal - Paper Refill - Eco-Friendly

Make this Hand made eco leather journal,

with refill inserts od eco friendly paper,

a companion that is always on your side.

The journal is designed to be used

with the Handmade ecoLeather,

but can also be used by themselves.

Wooden Foot Massage Wooden Foot Massage
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Wooden Foot Massage

€11.75 Price

Double design traditional foot massage roller.

Environmentally friendly way to give your feet a wonderful massage.

This foot massage stimulates the blood circulation in the feet.

Using the moving rollers,

gently massage the sole of your foot and

bring your feet into a relaxed state.

Coconut Cutlery Coconut Cutlery
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Coconut Cutlery

€15.99 Price

Get inspired with this polished coconut wood cutlery.

100% recycled, 100% natural, 100% biodegradable.

Your salad, smoothies, cereals, breakfast, lunch, dinner desserts.

Environmentally friendly lifestyles in replacement of plastic.

Bamboo Desktop Smart Phone... Bamboo Desktop Smart Phone...
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Bamboo Desktop Smart...

€18.95 Price

Bamboo Desktop Smart Phone Stand Holder

This bamboo phone holder helps avoid inconviniency in watching

videos,doing video chatting, reading and more , on a hands free.

Keep your hands free from holding the phone both horizontal and vertical. 

A perfect construction for using smart phones, iPads and tablets

This Bamboo Phone Holder could also be used as a dock for charging your

gadgets on your bedside table or on top of any completely flat surfaces.

Durable and made strongly to last. 100% Premium Quality Natural Bamboo