Reusable organic cotton gauze produce bag.

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They are transparent so you don't need to open them in the checkout.

These can also be used as organza bags to wrap your gifts, to carry candies and cookies,

or even to store your jewelry.

Also to store pacifiers and teething toys,

your waxing and shaving kit, or your menstrual cup,

your phone mobile, even a game of marbles.



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Organic cotton bags specially designed for bulk purchasing fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes or seeds. You can stick the sticker of the scale in the store directly to the bag.


Cotton comes from Turkey spun in Italy.

Organic cotton yarn certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Fabric woven in Spain by an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified company.

Sack style bags, made with side seams but without a seam at the bottom to ensure better strength.

All the seams are double sewn to avoid breaks and frays.

Designed, put together and sewn in Spain by a cooperative company

that supports job placement and female driven enterprises.

Cotton sewing thread.

Cotton drawstring: 3mm thickness (small and medium sizes)

5mm thickness (large size) in different colours.

Fabric weight: 90g/m²

Made in Spain.


Cold wash recommended

Due to NOT being chemically treated,

the bag may shrink slightly during the first wash.

Air dry.



Length: 21,5 cm.

Widht: 15 cm.

Total weight: 8 gr.


Length:30,5 cm.

Widht: 17 cm.

Total weight: 10,5 gr.


Length:35 cm.

Widht: 25,5 cm.

Weight: 19 gr.

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