"S" shaped scrub brush -wood and vegetable fibre.

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Untreated beechwood from European forests.

FSC certification of wood in process.

Fiber Union mixing brush ideal for floors, terraces, window or shower joints,

any hard-to-reach corner and surfaces with embedded dirt.

Softer Tampico Fiber Brush, also used to rub denim, canvas,

awnings, rags, doormats, etc. on the prewash.

Ergonomic handle for better grip, wedge finish for access to all

difficult corners, edges or joints of tiles or terrazzo.

Ecological and toxic-free materials.

Plastic free.

100% natural and biodegradable.



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Length: 21 cm.

Width: 5 cm.

Height: 4 cm.

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    Untreated beechwood  scrub brush 100% natural, vegan and plastic-free.

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